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if you are interested in doing Stock Dealer course than get in touch using the contact us form or you can directly email us at delhitrainingcourses@gmail.com or use the below phone numbers to contact us.
Stock Dealer course is a very short term course of only two weeks duration but can develop the skills of share trading in a long run. It is specifically designed for the students who already do have bit of knowledge about the stock market and we will further enhance their skills in the share market. We will make you learn about the trends in the stock market using charts, demos and Diet ODIN. We use all the updated and latest tactics so that the student keep updated about the stock market trends..

Course Module Stocks Dealer:

* Capital Market Module
* Live Terminal Operation on Diet Odin
* Trading Techniques

Technical Analysis Course

We strongly recommend our students to join our Technical analysis course if you really want to make great returns from the stock market.  Here are the details of the Technical analysis training course offered by Delhi Institute of Computer Courses.  It is a complete Technical analysis training program that can enable students to learn technical analysis in a professional manner and thus they can really make profitable trades from by applying the Technical skills and various charts and patterns. Students before joining any Technical analysis institute must know what Technical Analysis is?

What Is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is a way to analyze and evaluate securities by examining the statistics generated by the stock market such as analyzing the past prices of stocks, their volumes etc.  Technical analysis do not focus on the intrinsic value of stocks but in fact it uses charts, candlesticks patterns and other such tools to properly examining the different patterns that can suggest what may happen in the future.

Technical analysts use many different types of technical tools that predict the trend of the stock market and thus they initiate trade on the basis of calculated prediction. Some technical analysts rely on chart patterns while others use candlestick patterns or indicators or oscillators etc. While there are few who use all of the technical factors and thus make a trade.


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