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If you wanted to organize a seminar or workshop on the topic of Digital Marketing in your school, College, university or your workplace than get in touch using the contact us form or you can directly email us at or use the phone numbers to contact us. Call Now 9210640422, 9999959129, 9899127357, 8287996284, 011-43014913.

Workshop and Corporate Training by Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) on Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

Introduction: Everything in the world now is going to be digital. The physical world is almost over and now everything from schools to colleges, offices to corporate houses, and small business to big entrepreneurs are becoming digital. Keeping in mind the increasing scope of digital marketing, DICC launched “digital marketing workshops” that would enable the students to utilize all the digital platforms to get the conversions, leads and business.

About Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Workshops, Seminars and Corporate Training: 
Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) is proud to announce that it is now directly conducting workshops, seminars and corporate training for Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Pay per Click etc. all over India and across the Globe.  You can contact us for organizing workshops, seminars and corporate training throughout India and we are also organizing International workshops. We have just finished up several Digital Marketing workshops in India and there are few others pending Digital Marketing workshops as well that are scheduled in the coming year of 2015. We do have certified and expert faculties of Digital Marketing who do have years of experience in internet marketing. We are targeting the major states and cities of India for Digital Marketing workshops including Mumbai, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Gujarat, Pune, Lucknow, Haryana, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, etc.

How long will the workshops and Corporate Training last?
The duration of the workshop depends on the number of topics covered during the workshop. The average time duration for the workshops that we conduct so far would be of 2 to 3 days.

  • Full-day (7 hours lecture with three breaks of minimum 15 minutes each).
  • Half-day (3.5 hours lecture with one break of 15 to 20 minute).

There would be a question and answers session also after the lecture and students can pose direct questions from our trainers about their queries. The duration for the question and answer session would be of 1 to 1.30 hour in the last session.

Who can participate in Workshops and Corporate Training?
Anyone who has pre-registered for the workshop and has paid at least paid the registration amount for the workshop. A maximum of 200 participants are allowed during the workshop and minimum of 10 students or participants are required to get eligible for the workshop.  Therefore we request the concerned authorities like colleges or schools to contact us only if they collect at least 10 students or more. 

Equipment Required for Workshop and Corporate Training
In order to interact with the students we need a projector, computer, internet, speaker microphones, white board, marker and a volunteer to assist our trainer during the lecture.    

Topics to be covered during the Digital Marketing workshop

  • Chapter  1:   Understanding Search Engines and SEO
  • Chapter  2:   On-Page SEO Activities
  • Chapter  3:   Off-Page SEO Activities
  • Chapter  4:    Major SEO Tools
  • Chapter  5:    Understanding Social Media
  • Chapter  6:    RSS Integration
  • Chapter  7:    Facebook
  • Chapter  8:    Twitter
  • Chapter  9:    Linkdin
  • Chapter  10:  Other Social Media Activities
  • Chapter  11:  Understanding  Pay Per Click
  • Chapter  12:  Google Adwords
  • Chapter  13:  Enhancing Quality Score
  • Chapter  14:   Blogging Set Up and Affiliate Marketing
  • Chapter  15:  Email and Ecommerce Marketing

Certification and Study Material:
We will provide the certification of participation and also the study material to each student including books, DVD’s, and software kit.

Charges for the workshop:
The charges of the workshops or seminars may differ according to the location and course content and duration of the workshop but we normally charge as follows for 2-3 days workshop if you do have more than 10 participants in the workshop or seminar:
Request a Quote for Charges of the Workshops, Seminars and Corporate Training.
What Else we Require?      
Apart from the training charges, we also require the concerned authorities such as colleges or schools to arrange a comfortable place for our trainer, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and conveyance charges.

Workshops and Seminars Conducted by Delhi Institute of Computer Courses so far:

  • Workshop at Subharti University, Meerut in March 2011
  • Workshop at FMS, Delhi University, South Campus in September 2011
  • Workshop at KN Modi College, Modi Nagar, in December 2012
  • Workshop at NIIT JALANDHAR in March 2012
  • Workshop at IIT GUWAHATI in OCTOBER 2012
  • Workshop at VIGNAN UNIVERSITY in November 2012
  • Workshop at VIJAYWARA in Dec.2012
  • Workshop at SASTRA UNIVERSITY in March 2013
  • Workshop at THANJAVUR, TAMIL NADU Feb.2013
  • Workshop in Delhi @ Reliance Money Capital in Dec. 2013
  • Workshop at Punjab Technical University in March 2014
  • Workshop at Dubai in March 2015.

Apart from the above mentioned workshops, DICC has also conducted several seminars and give guest lectures on various subjects of their expertise including technical and stock analysis, digital marketing, ethical hacking and information security, web designing and development, PHP and also conducted seminars and workshops for Android development..

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