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Learn Ethical Hacking 

DICC is one of the most reputed institutes offering ethical hacking training and enhance you with the in-depth knowledge of hacking techniques and information security. While one can use these methods for malicious purpose, but our course module will tell you how to use these techniques for white hat and ethical hacking techniques. Our goal is to well versed students with latest ethical techniques with practical knowledge of latest and updated software.

Certified Security Expert

Level  One

Introduction To Networking

Basics of Networking

Concepts of LAN and WAN

Introduction to Information Security and Hacking

Intro to Ethical Hacking

History of Hacking

Various steps of Hacking


Database and Information Gathering

Passive and Active Foot Printing

Domain Information

People Information Gathering

Working on various Tools

Scanning Ports

Operating System Guessing

Open Ports

Service Guessing

TCP/UDP Scanning


Using Google for Hacking

Advance Searching Option

Using Various Google Operators

Searching Confidential Information

Searching Database Information

Finding Email ID's and Password

Methods of Attacks

Ping of Death


Tear Drop Attack

DOS/DDos Attack

RFI/LFI Attack

Other Attacks


Virus Creation

Worm Creation

Trojan Creation

Spyware Creation

Introduction to bots and root kit

Window Hacking Techniques

User account Cracking

Windows Tricks

Registry Hacking

Linux Hacking Techniques

Intro to Linux

Basics of Linux Operating System

Cracking the Root Account

Introduction to Sniffing

Hacking in LAN

Packet Sniffing

Passive and Active Sniffing


Session Hijacking

Hijacking in LAN

Hijacking in WAN

Side Jacking

Cookie Editor


Level Two

Email Hacking

Email Tracing

Fake Email ID Creation

Phishing (Normal and Advance)


Into to SQL Injection

What is SQL?

Normal SQL Injection

Advance SQL Injection

Working with SQL Tools


Cross site Scripting

Intro to XSS

Types of XSS

Working on popular websites



Finding the Vulnerabilities

Exploiting the Loopholes

Website Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing



Normal Stenography

Encrypted Stenography





Algorithms of Cryptography


Wireless Cracking

Introduction of WIFI

Cracking WEP

Intro WAP Cracking


Firewall, IDS and IPS

Implementing Firewalls

Working with IDS and IPS

Bypassing Methods


Intro to Honeypots

Intro to Honey Pots

Software Honey Pot

Catching Criminals


Buffer overflow Attack

Intro to Buffer overflow

Use Buffer Attack in Buffer overflow

Heap and Stack


Reverse Engg.

Intro to Reverse Engineering

Cracking Softwares

Manual Cracking


Cyber Laws



Career Opportunities:

Can work as Security Expert
Training Fee: INR 10,500/-

Duration : 1 Months

Next Batch: Every Monday


Contact Number:
Ovais Mirza: 9210640422
Nasir Mirza: 9999959129

Timings: 10AM - 7PM


Learn Ethical Hacking Course on Live Projects, Learn How to secure your online servers call now: 9210640422


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    15th August 2011: DICC Celebrated 15th August 2011, 65th Independence of India with full excitement.