Summer Training in Stock Market

Stock Market Summer Training Program

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Summer Training Stock Market Course for Professionals and Students
Delhi Institute of Computer Courses offering different training programs related to stock market, share market, fundamental or technical analysis. These Summer Training Programs are specially designed for business entrepreneurs, real estate agents, commerce graduates, and for those who want earn from their hard earned savings. Summer Training Programs for business individuals comprises of course plans related to fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and commodity trading etc which is a significant part of Stock Market..

We provide these courses with in depth knowledge of stock market along with the practical training in Live Market hours on Diet Odin Software so that the candidate could fully utilize the training program.

  • Practical Stock Market Training for Business Entrepreneurs/ Commerce Graduates
    Delhi Institute of Computer Courses provides guest lecturers to the colleges for stock market training programs as per their needs and requirement. In our well structured Institutional Training Program for share market, we offer different package courses for the students so that they can opt for their desired training program. We offer expert and professional assistance to the college students for training program lectures.

Program Benefits & Highlights
- Learn & communicate with famous industry professionals.
- Practical Experience on Latest software & Tools.
- Practical experience of various stratagies
- FREE - Study Material prepared by Expert and Professionals.
- FREE - Software Toolkit.

Special Discounts available for groups of Students in Summer Training Stock Market Programs
• 10% Discount on a group of 2 Students.
• 20%. Discount on a group more than 2 students to 5 Students.
• 30% discount on a group of more than 5 students.
Note: Complete Study material and required Software & Certificate will be provided during the course.

Topics Covered During the Stock Market Summer Training Program:

  • Chapter 1:   How Stock Market Works?
  • Chapter  2:   Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Chapter  3:   Different Types of Charts and Patterns
  • Chapter  4:    Trend Analysis
  • Chapter  5:    Oscillators and Moving Averages
  • Chapter  6:    Chart Formation
  • Chapter  7:    Trend continuation formation
  • Chapter  8:    Specialty indicators
  • Chapter  9:    STOP LOSS
  • Chapter  10:  Volume and open interest
  • Chapter  11:  Intermarket Technical Analysis
  • Chapter  12:  Technical analysis indicators
  • Chapter  13:  Technical theories
  • First Batch: 1st April To 30th Apr 2015
  • Second Batch: 15th April To 15th May 2015
  • Third Batch: 1st May To 30th May 2015
  • Fourth Batch: 15th May To 14th June 2015
  • Fivth Batch: 1st June To 30th June 2015
  • Sixth Batch: 15th June To 14th July 2015
  • Seventh Batch: 1st July To 30th july
  • Eight Batch: 15th July To 14th Aug 2015




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