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Our Network Security Course covers the basic principles of building and executing secure network systems. The main emphasis of the course is how one can use security measures in different networks. Main objective of this training is to understand the vulnerabilities, security concerns, and attacks to plan and implement the desired Security solutions to your systems, application or server. This course has been designed for Information Security Officers, Network System Administrators, IT professionals and students who wanted to make their career in Network security.

There are lots of Vulnerabilities or loopholes in any Network, which gives invitation to the hackers to hack your networks. Now days, Hackers use advance techniques such as cross site scripting, SQL injections, brute force attacks other methods to hack your systems or networks. Our network security course will cover all the modern trends that can be use to secure different networks.

Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) offers network security course that would enable the students to learn with practical that how they really protect or hack the different networks. Securing the networks from hackers is one of the major requirements of any company today and there is lot of demand and career opportunities for network security experts. Go through the Course details of Network Security course as below:.

Detailed Syllabus of Network Security Course Module


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Network Securities
Chapter 2 - Understanding Network Topology
Chapter 3 - Open Systems Interconnectivity Model
Chapter 4 - TCP/IP In-depth
Chapter 5 - Understanding WAP, NAT, DNS and ICMP
Chapter 6 - Internet Routing
Chapter 7 - Advanced Port Scanning
Chapter 8 - Advance Sniffing
Chapter 9 - Masquerading Attacks
Chapter 10 - DOS and DDOS(Denial of Services)
Chapter 11 - Network Operations Center - Security
Chapter 12 - Network Traffic Analysis and Reporting
Chapter 13 - Vulnerability Assessment
Chapter 14 - Penetration Testing
Chapter 15 – Understanding the Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Chapter 16 - Snort 101,
Chapter 17 - OSSEC 102
Chapter 18 - Understanding the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Chapter 19 - Firewalls (How to install, configure and Use Firewalls)
Chapter 20 – Operating System Hardening for Networks - Linux & Windows

Chapter 21 - Advance Cryptography
Chapter 22 – Understanding Symmetric Key Encryption
Chapter 23 - Understanding Asymmetric Key Encryption
Chapter 24 - Understanding Hash functions
Chapter 25 - Trust models
Chapter 26 - VLAN - Security
Chapter 27 - VPN - Security
Chapter 28 - Wireless Networks
Chapter 29 - Radio Frequency Essentials
Chapter 30 - Wireless Security
Chapter 31 - Threats to Wireless
Chapter 32 - Attacking Wireless Hotspot and Security
Chapter 33 - WEP Security
Chapter 34 - WPA/WPA2 Security
Chapter 35 - Secure Wireless Infrastructure Deployment
Chapter 36 – Overview of DNS Tunneling
Chapter 37 – Concept of Network Forensic Methodology
Chapter 38 - Concept of Network Evidence Acquisition
Chapter 39 - OS Logs and Splunk
Chapter 40 - Summary



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