Website Development (PHP & MYSQL)

Website Development (PHP & MY SQL) Course

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Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) offers complete, practical and professional training on basic to advance PHP modules. Our experienced and professional faculty will provide the hands-on training on different PHP projects to enable the students to understand the basic to core PHP modules. We have designed the PHP course according to the latest and current trends in the market..

If you already do have web designing and HTML knowledge than this course would be an ideal for you otherwise you can also go through to our complete web designing course. If you would opt to join the combination of both web designing +PHP Course from our institute than you are eligible for discount as well.  Students can find the Details of Web Designing Course here:


Module-1 overview of Web Industry

Overview of Websites?

Types of Websites


  • What is a website?
  • What is HTTP?
  • What is WWW Standard?
  • What is domain?
  • How website works?


  • What is a static website?
  • What is a dynamic website?
  • What are portals?
  • What are search engines?
  • What are directories?
  • What is a blog?

Module-2 Web Designing




  • What is HTML?
  • How to Create HTML file?
  • How to Create Paragraph Tags?
  • How to create headings?
  • How to display IMAGES?
  • How to Create Hyper Text?
  • How to Create Tables in HTML?
  • What is marquee and how to use it?
  • How to create blink text?
  • What is HR tag in HTML?
  • How to use colspan & rowspan in html?
  • How to create list in html?
  • How to create background in html file?
  • How to create forms in HTML?
  • Knowledge Resources?


  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
  • Types of Style Sheets
  • Class Selector
  • ID Selector
  • How to use div for creating a web page?
  • How create menu in css?
  • How to create dropdown men in css?
  • How to insert fonts in css?
  • How to use alignment in CSS?
  • What is padding and margin in CSS?
  • What is floating in CSS?
  • How to use fonts in CSS?
  • How to create lists in CSS
  • How to create beautiful webpage in CSS?
  • Knowledge Resource?


Module 3 – PHP and MY SQL




  • What is PHP?
  • How PHP Works?
  • How to Create PHP File?
  • Basic PHP Syntax
  • PHP Statements and Whitespace
  • How to Use Comments in PHP?
  • What Are PHP Functions?
  • Data Types in PHP
  • What are Variables in PHP?
  • What are Constants in PHP?
  • PHP Operators?
  • Creating Dynamic Pages
  • Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes
  • If else Conditions in PHP?
  • What are Loops in PHP?
  • Types of Loops?
  • What are Arrays in PHP?
  • How to Including Files?
  • How to create register process in php?
  • How to create login process in PHP?
  • How to get data from forms via emails?
  • How to create subscription method in PHP?
  • URL rewriting
  • How to create select query in PHP?
  • How to create insert query in php?
  • How to display data in PHP?
  • How to Create Search Box in PHP?
  • How to create factorization in PHP?
  • How to display images in php?
  • How to display data in loop?
  • How to run sliders in PHP?
  • How to create fully dynamic website?
  • How to create payment gateway?
  • Knowledge Resources?


  • MySql Methods and Properties
  • Inserting and Updating Records
  • MySql Prepared Statements
  • Authentication with PHP and MYSQL
  • A Database-less Login Form
  • Session Control and Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Session Functions
  • Cookies
  • JavaScript language fundamentals
  • mail
  • PHP Mailer
  • File System Management
  • Reading from a File
  • Writing to a File
  • File Locking
  • Uploading Files via an HTML Form
  • Getting File Information
  • More File Functions
  • Directory Functions
  • Getting a Directory Listing
  • Creating a Dreamweaver site
  • Site creation - basic
  • Site creation – advanced
  • Database connections
  • Knowledge Resources?



Module-4 How to work with CMS?

Operncart CMS

Wordpress CMS

  • roduct Management
  • Categories
  • Products
  • General
  • Data
  • Links
  • Attributes
  • Discount
  • Special
  • Image
  • Options
  • Manufacturers or Brands
  • Downloads
  • Reviews
  • Information Pages (Content Management System or CMS): About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions
  • Insert new pages in the Information box
  • Extensions
  • How to create reports in Opencart?
  • Localization
  • Payment method in opencart?
  • Knowledge Resources?


  • WordPress Introduction
  • WordPress Hosting Options
  • Basics of the WordPress User Interface
  • Understanding the WordPress, Dashboard , Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration , Core WordPress Settings
  • Finding and Using WordPress Plugins
  • Upgrading WordPress Plugins
    Recommended WordPress Plugins
  • Working with WordPress Themes
  • Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
    Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
    Installing and Configuring Themes
    Editing and Customizing Themes
  • Understanding Posts Versus Pages
  • Organizing Posts with Categories
  • Connecting Posts Together with Tags
  • Managing Lists of Links
  • Creating and Managing Content
  • Knowledge Resources?

Module-5 How to Make My Website Live?

Website Downloading and Uploading


  • What is an Offline Website
  • What is an Online Website
  • How to Download a Webiste
  • How to Upload a Website
  • What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • What is Host Name
  • What is FTP User Name and Password
  • What is File Zila


Module-6 How to Earn With This Course?

How to Earn after web development Course?


  • How you can earn with web design and development?
  • How to use freelancer’s websites?
  • Is freelancing right for making career in web development industry?
  • How to get job in web development?
  • How to make money with blogging?


Module 1: OVERVIEW

In the First Module we will be teaching you as the basic of PHP as what is PHP, different types of websites such as dynamic and static, understanding PHP Variables, functions, codes,server scripting language, strings, constants and operations..This Module will make your base strong.

Module 2: Web Designing and HTML

In this module of Web designing and HTML, we will teach about the basic concepts of web designing and HTML and also how you can integrate PHP in HTML. Learn as how you can PHP functions into HTML and in Web Designs. You will be also taught the different tags of HTML in this module.

Module:3 Responsiveness

In this module we will be teaching you that how you can consider mobile-friendliness or mobile responsiveness of your website even if you are using PHP Programming. We know that mobile responsiveness today is the key to success for any website or blog and this module will provide you complete knowledge of mobile responsiveness.


Module 4: Advance and Core PHP & MYSQL

In this modue we will be teaching you all the basic to advance and core php concepts including how you can create search filters, search engines, membership profiles, different strings and operations of PHP and also how you can develop a website fully using PHP functionalities. This module will give you practical knowledge about different concepts of PHP and MYSQL


Module 5: Working with CMS

In this module we are going to teach you about different CMS Platforms including Wordpress, Opencart and Joomla. You will be able to work with PHP editors in different CMS and e-commerce platforms. You will be taught as how to create an e-commerce website, creatiing shopping carts and implementing payment gateways.

Module 6: How to Make Website Live

Once you create a website with all the designign and developing functionalities, now is your turn to live the website on servers. In this module, we will teach you as how you can download or upload a website, understanding FTP Clients, understanding CPanel, creating official email ids, creating databases using Cpanel, understanding PHP MY Admin and so on. This module will automate all your PHP functionalities.

Module 7: Basics of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization too is an important part today and while making the website, we should have to keep in mind the different parameters of SEO as well. So, in this module we will teach you about the basic of on-page optimization factors which you should implement while making a website based on PHP

Module 8: Earning Money and Getting Projects

Now, once you complete the whole course, the next thing that we will teach you as how you can get PHP Projects, how to bid on different freenlance portals and how to win the PHP Projects. We will also let you know how you can make a good looking PHP Proposals that attract your clients. This will be your final module of PHP.

Batch Details




Only Sunday

Home Tuition

(Monday to Friday basis Regular batches Details)


Batch Timings:

10:30 -12:30
1:00 – 3:00
3:30 – 5:30
5:30 – 7:30

(Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Batch Timings:

10:30 -12:30
1:00 – 3:00
3:30 – 5:30
5:30 – 7:30

(Saturday and Sunday Batches Only)



Batch Timings:

10:00 – 1:00
1:00 – 4:00
4:00 – 7:00

(Only Sunday Batches if you are working)



Batch Timings:

10:00 – 1:00
1:00 – 4:00
4:00 – 7:00

If you are not willing to come to our institute than our trainer will move to your place to teach you. Fees will be doubled if you request our trainer to your place.

More Details about PHP Course:

Total Duration: 60 Hours (1 Month if you attend Regular Batches)
Total Fee for Complete Web Development: INR 15,000 including taxes, certification, Software tool kit and study material. (One Time)

Two Instalments: 7,500/- in Advance + 7,500/- after the completion of 50% Course

Total fee for only PHP & MYSQL: 8,000/- (One Time Payment)

Career Opportunities

  • You can work as Web Developer
  • You can work as PHP Developer
  • You can work as PHP Trainer
  • You can work as Webmaster


Eligibility Requirements

Anyone who has bit of knowledge of HTML can do this course. Even if you don't know web designing and HTML, we will teach you in the first module of PHP. So, if you are already a web designer and would like to know advance or core php concepts, this course will help you a lot.

Students of 10+2, Graduates, undergraduates can also join this PHP Course in Delhi.

Certified PHP Course in Delhi

After the successful completiton of the course, we will provide you a live project which you needs to submit to us and after the successful completion of the PHP Projects we will allot you a PHP Certificate as well.

About PHP Training Course

What is PHP Programming Language?

PHP full form is Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language and widely use for web development and web programming. It is quite popular language all over the world just because it is an open-source language and developers really don’t require any kind of licence or copy to install the PHP programming in their computers. Web developers can create dynamic sites using the PHP programming language. PHP language is easy to understand and do have almost all the dynamic solutions that required to completely develop the websites. We can really put up any logical function on our website using the PHP language. Most of the websites today operating on PHP platforms and the scope of PHP is increasing day by day.

What is the Duration required to completely understand the PHP Language? Do I need to attend classes or PHP Course?

We all know that C and C++ are the mother of all the languages and if you do have profound knowledge of C or C++ than you can easily understand the operators, functions and logic of PHP language as well. But even if you don’t have the knowledge of C you can understand the codes of PHP. It is quite easy to grab PHP language and your trainer can make you understand the PHP language. You can find lots of PHP tutorials online also but it is recommended to join a PHP institute whereby you can gain live exposure and can work on live projects. PHP Internships programs offered by different institutes can also be quite handy to work on the live projects and having experience in the field of PHP programming.  Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) also offers PHP internship programs at our campus where you can learn the things on live projects.

Career and Scope of PHP Language in India

Skilled PHP developers are in great demand in India and both the private and public sector of India looking for well-skilled PHP developers who can sort out all the programming issues in  a website. If you do have a bachelor degree in computer science or computer applications, BCA or B.Tech than PHP course will add boost your career and you will be in great demand in the IT sector of India.

Roles and Responsibilities of a PHP Programmer

  • You will be responsible for developing websites.
  • You need to implement logical functions, operations and other web developing stuff in a website.
  • You can work as Smartphone application developer and can make lot of money.
  • You can also work as a freelancer and can have lots of PHP based projects on different platforms.
  • You can work on different Content Management Systems (CMS) including wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart etc and can customize those platforms according to your own requirements or according to the client’s requirements.

How much Salary one can expect after becoming a PHP Developer?

As per the data and statistics provided by PAYSCALE, PHP developers can earn an average salary of INR 2.5 lakhs per annum. As a fresher in the field of PHP, students can expect 1NR 10,000 to 12,000 per month but after having experience in this field students can get as much as 6 or 7 lakhs per annum. All depends how you work in a company and what is the output you provide to a company.

Where can I find jobs with my PHP skills?

Students can find jobs in:

  • E-commerce based companies
  • Web developing companies
  • Small scale or large scale industries which do have a dynamic site to maintain.
  • Can find jobs on freelance portals such as on Elance, Getafreenlancer, Odesk, Sorfolio etc.
  • In different digital marketing companies

By developing skills in PHP, students can provide complete strength to their career and resumes. PHP language can also help Web designers to further strengthen their skills and they can mix up their creative designs with logical functions after having in-depth knowledge of PHP language. Alongwith, PHP language students should also focus in developing other skills as well such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, Javascript etc. After having knowledge of these languages, one can expect himself/herself as a complete web developer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Note:Before Joining our ethical hacking program, you might have following questions in mind. Just go through these questions and clear your doubts about our hacking program..

Ans.DICC is one of the famous institutes in Delhi for web development especially in PHP. We do have faculty in PHP who is having extensive experience in PHP and so far has delivered more than 100 projects of PHP. We will provide you practical and professional training on different PHP modules.

Ans.Yes for sure. We will assist you completely in getting a suitable job in web development field. We will make you enough proficient in PHP that you will be able to get a handsome amount after placement.
Ans.Anyone can join this course who do have bit of knowledge of HTML, web designing, C, C++ etc. But even if you don't have previous knowledge of the concepts, then we can even teach you web designing and HTML also.
Ans.Yes. With our training program of PHP we completely help the students pursuing B.A., B.Tech, BCA, MCA, M.Tech etc to submit the PHP Projects to school, college or any other university. Our trainer will help you to submit the project without any extra charges. You need to pay only the training fee.
Ans.Yes we do offer the facility wherein you can contact us to organize workshops, seminars or corporate training at your premises or at your college or school as well. To get more information about your PHP workshops visit:
AnsAns. You will find several career option after the successful completion of this course as this course will open variety of career options for you and you can expect handsome salaries that is offered by companies or you can do self-business.
Ans.Yes. You will be provided the complete study material, certificate and all the required software of PHP in between the course after the full payment of fee.
Ans.You can become PHP Developer, Web Developer, E-commerce Developer, PHP Trainer, Webmaster, PHP Analyst or even can Start your online business after the successful completion of our PHP Course.

Q.9. What is Trainer Profile?

AnsYour trainer does have more than 5 years of experience in the web designing, web development and PHP. He is managing work for several clients. Mr. Kapil Heera is well versed in PHP concepts from beginning to advance and also has the capability to teach the most complex concepts in the easiest of manner.
Ans.Your trainer does have more than 5 years of experience in the web designing, web development and PHP. He is managing work for several clients. Mr. Kapil Heera is well versed in PHP concepts from beginning to advance and also has the capability to teach the most complex concepts in the easiest of manner.



"I love the way DICC teach PHP. "Mr Kapil heera is our teacher and he is incredible! He teaches Web development in an easy manner and make the complicated concepts easy to grab. They are really professional people and I would recommend DICC for PHP to anybody. Thank You!" " Ganesh

"One of the best institutes for PHP training. I instantly got a job after the course. They are really nice people and their approach of teaching concepts is practical." Ankit

". I am already a web designer and want to enhance my knowledge in PHP and web development also. I came across about DICC and join their PHP Course. They made me proficient and professional in PHP also. Thanks a lot DICC" Pankaj

"Perfect one institute for PHP for those who would like to make their career in web development. I used to travel from Faridabad to Delhi everyday just for my PHP Classes. Classes were great and I got the perfection in PHP now. I am now handling my own clients for PHP and Web Development." Kaleem

"DICC is a great place to learn professional courses in practical environment." Anant Mishra

"It is one of the best institute in Delhi providing training on Live Projects." Nawal Joshi

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