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If you are interested in Joining Option Analysis and Strategies, than get in touch using the contact us form or you can directly email us at [email protected] or use the phone numbers to contact us. Call Now 9210640422, 9999959129, 9899127357, 8287996284, 011-43014913.

DICC is a reputed institute offers you to learn option trading during live stock market hours. Our option trading course includes all the fundamentals and technical of future and option market. Basically, the options trading classes held during live stock market hours and we strongly recommended our students to learn the future and option trading from 10.am to 3.30 pm. You can also opt to come on Saturdays and Sundays. After the completion of the course you would be able to learning the trade options and futures. Option trading education program enables the students to learn about the shares and stocks and how to deal with them practically to earn profits.

Join DICC and learn about options trading techniques to fully equip yourself with the latest trading strategies. Futures options trading are very well in demand in the stock market and anyone who has the absolute knowledge of these strategies can earn a handsome amount just by employing few techniques which he/she will learn during options trading training at DICC. Options trading courses at DICC are well equipped with the latest trends in the market and we provide future option training using various software, charts and patterns. Learn options trading at DICC and see how our trading option training makes a difference in your career.

We not only make you prepare about all the Future and Options Strategies but we will also show you practical and successful implementation of these strategies. Our experts prepare these strategies and we do have 70% to 80% success ratio while implementing these Future and Options strategies.

Detailed Syllabus of Option Analysis Course:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Future and Option, commodity and Stock markets
Chapter 2: What are Future Contracts and its application?
Chapter 3: Features of Contract, futures price quotes, hedging Strategies, volume and open interest
Chapter 4: How to enter and exit in Future and Option Positions, Live Hedging Examples
Chapter 5: Importance of Capitalists and Speculators
Chapter 6: Margin Money, Order Types and Introduction of Trading Simulation
Chapter 7: Functioning of futures exchanges
Chapter 8: Cost of carry relationship
Chapter 9: Rolling Hedges and Currency Futures
Chapter 10: Equity index futures

Chapter 11: Optimal Hedge Ration and Cross Hedging
Chapter 12: Interest rate futures, implied forward rate
Chapter 13: Relation to Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Chapter 14: Options Characteristics - Intrinsic and Time Value
Chapter 15: Different Options Strategies
Chapter 16: Options Pricing - Call and Put Parity
Chapter 17: Option Chain Analysis
Chapter 18: Black-Scholes option pricing model
Chapter 19: Delta hedging
Chapter 20: Synthetic positions, straddles, and options spreads
Chapter 21: Hedging applications, and interest rate options



We will teach you option strategies which helps you to minimize your risk level and maximize your profits. Our Option trading course will include all the National Stock Exchange (NSE) option strategies+ We do have our own option strategies that will share with you during the course. So, Join option strategy course now and make your career in the financial sector. Our specilaty lies that we teach you everything with practical and in live stock market hours.

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