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DICC offers This course will help you learn hacking techniques, identify common vulnerabilities and how to prevent possible attacks by hackers. In this course you will learn about various protocols, configuration settings and services in the technology world . This course is great for anyone who wants to improve or build their understanding of hacking.

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Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi

You have landed here to find out ethical hacking course in Delhi (CEH v12)cyber security training in Delhi. This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of cyber security. The course will cover the security aspects of hacking, identify the potential consequences of malicious activity, and evaluate ethical hacking methods. Students will learn to apply defensive measures while they are designing their security strategies.

General FAQ’s about ethical Hacking Course

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is a type of hacking that uses ethical standards to identify, gather and analyze security vulnerabilities of networks and computer systems. Cybersecurity is the application of knowledge, tools, technologies, methods and processes relating to cyber security. Ethical Hacks is one of the most famous approaches used to break or bypass this protection.

What are the requirements and eligibilities to become Ethical Hacker?

A person with the basic knowledge of networking, operating systems and databases will be eligible to become an Ethical hacker. It’s quite handy if someone did a bachelor degree in cyber security or any other related field. A student with a CCNA or CISSP certification will easily be able to grab ethical hacking certification also. It is after getting CEH certification that you will become a perfect ethical hacker.

What are the different Roles & Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker or cyber security expert?

After the completion of ethical hacking course in Delhi, an ethical hacker can have several roles and responsibilities to perform. An ethical hacker might expect to do work as system administrator, handling databases, networking and also to look at the security concerns of the company. An ethical hacker should have sound knowledge about network traffic sniffing, password hacking or cracking, session hijacking, sniffing and spoofing, SQL injection, exploit buffer overflow vulnerabilities etc.

Which institute is best for professional ethical hacking training in Delhi?

There are different hacking institutes in Delhi offering this ethical hacking course in Delhi, but DICC is the best one among the list of ethical hacking institutes in Delhi as it has positive feedback, good ratings and reviews by its passed out students and students from all over India are coming to DICC to join the ethical hacking course.

Which course is best for ethical hacking?

There is variety of courses available for ethical hacking and cyber security training for example penetration testing, network security, ethical hacking, cyber security, CEH etc and every course has a different duration such as from 3 months to 1 year. In order to start with Ethical hacking career, we recommend you to do Ethical Hacking Course (CEH) i.e. Certified Ethical Hacking which will give you beginner to advanced level of knowledge to different concepts of ethical hacking as well as provides you international certification for ethical hacking.

What is the course fee of ethical hacking and cyber security?

The course fee for ethical hacking and cyber security varies from different institutes in Delhi from INR 15,000 to INR 50,000. DICC charges INR 15,000/- for most number of modules i.e 20 advanced modules of ethical hacking.

How do I start ethical hacking course?

If you already have completed your 12th class, than you definitely start the ethical hacking course from DICC. We start right from the beginners’ level to the advanced level of cyber security and ethical hacking.

What is the basic knowledge that I should have to start ethical hacking course, such as programming languages C or C++, Web languages such as PHP, HTML, JAVA, networking, OS, etc.?

If you do have some theoretical knowledge about the different languages such as PHP, JAVA, HTML, Networking etc than it is quite good otherwise DICC will provide you the knowledge about those languages and also on different tools and software that will develop within you the skills of becoming expert ethical hacker.

What are some of the best resources for learning Ethical Hacking?

You may find different resources over the Internet to learn ethical hacking such as YouTube, Udemy, Simplilearn etc but all those resources will not be able to provide you complete practical knowledge which can only be obtained by a professional class-teacher in a classroom training program such as conducted by DICC Institute.

What is the career and scope of ethical hacking in Delhi?

There is lot of scope and career opportunities for the students in the field of ethical hacking and cyber security and it is the right time also to enter in this wide field. In every company today required ethical hackers to protect their digital assets such as their web applications, software, confidential data, web servers etc. As the digitalization is growing rapidly in India, the demand to protect the digital resources and of professional and expert ethical hackers is also growing rapidly.

Which are the best ethical hacking certifications available for Ethical Hacking that is recognized internationally?

One of the best ethical hacking certifications that is recognized globally is offered by EC Council CEH Certificate and We at DICC, structured our course on the latest CEH V(12) modules of EC Council and thus our training would help you to get the certification easily.

How can I become a CEH (certified ethical hacker)?

Students need to take exam of CEH and they can become certified ethical hackers after obtaining the passing percentage in the exam. After the ethical hacking training provided by DICC, students can easily clear the CEH exams.

How do I study ethical hacking? Which training centre can I join in Delhi?

You can study ethical hacking using online resources such as YouTube, Udemy etc but a classroom training program for ethical hacking will be best option available to get the training as it will give you practical exposure on live projects of ethical hacking and DICC is the best one institute in Delhi among the list of ethical hacking institutes.