Adword Fundamental Exam

Fundamental Exam

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Google Fundamental exam for Adwords is the exam conducted by the Google and students need to secure 85% marks to crack this exam. This exam enables the students to completely understand the overall structure of Google Adwords and hence they can operate the PPC Campaigns by themselves for their clients. A Google Fundamental exam is compulsory to clear in combination with one more exams in order to get Google Adword Certification.

Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) is providing training for Google Fundamental exam. After the completion of our training program, students will easily be able to crack the Google Fundamental exam. The best part of our training program is that we provide you complete practical platform and assign you the PPC account of one of our client so that you would be able to get the practical exposure. The training will be provided by the Google Adwords certified professionals and all of your queries will be sort out during the training program.

Complete Syllabus of Google Adwords Fundamental Exam:

Chapter 1: Overview to Google Adwords

  • Understanding the Structure of Google Adwords
  • How Ad Auction works in Adwords?
  • Building the Advertising vocabulary
  • Difference between organic and Sponsored Ads
  • Advertising Goals and Tracking
  • Cost Calculation in Google Adwords
  • Concepts of Ad position, Ad rank and Quality Score
  • How Adwords benefits Advertisers and Businesses
  • Relevance of Ads in Adwords

Chapter 2: Different Advertising Networks in Adwords

  • Google properties and Network
  • Understanding the Google Search Network
  • Understanding the Google Display Network
  • Controlling the ad appearance in Display Network
  • Concept of Contextual Targeting

Chapter 3: Managing Google Adwords Account

  • Navigating the Adword Dashboard
  • Changing the Account Settings
  • Setting up the time zone and Currency
  • Changing Adwords Sign-in Information
  • Understanding the Opportunities tab – Alerts and Notification
  • How to structure your Adwords Account?

Chapter 4: Managing Campaigns

  • Creating Your First Campaign
  • Organizing multiple campaigns, Adgroups and Ads in Your Account
  • Choosing the best campaign for you
  • Choosing the location and language
  • Choosing bid and budget
  • Using ad delivery options
  • Understanding the campaign status

Chapter 5: Creating and managing Adgroups

  • Setting up your default bid in Adgroup
  • Creating new ad groups
  • How Ad groups works?
  • Understanding the different status of Ad groups


Chapter 6: Keyword Research and Targeting

  • Choosing the best of the Keywords
  • How Keywords Work?
  • Using Broad Match Keywords
  • Using Exact Match Keywords
  • Using Phrase Match Keywords
  • Using Negative Keywords
  • Using Broad Modifier Keywords
  • Building Keyword list constantly
  • Understanding the Keyword Status
  • Keywords in the display Network
  • How placement and keywords work together?
  • Choosing Keywords for Display Network
  • Improving Quality score of Keywords for Display and Search Network

Chapter 7:  Language and Location Targeting

  • Choosing Location and Language for campaign
  • Targeting Ads to different Geographical locations
  • Excluding Ads to different geographical locations
  • Understanding Ad reach
  • Optimizing the targeted locations
  • Location targeting by country, states or regions
  • Advanced location options
  • How language targeting works?

Chapter 8: Different Ad formats

  • Creating compelling Ads
  • Image Ads creation
  • Tips for creating good looking text ads
  • What makes a great text ad?
  • Creating different size of Image ads
  • Using Adbuilder to create Image Ads
  • Using Adwords to create Video Ads
  • Different types of Mobile Ads
  • Enhancing Your Ads with Ad extensions
  • How to use social extension with your ad
  • Choosing ad formats
  • Managing Your Ads
  • About the Ad approval Adword Process
  • Google Guidelines and terms of use of Ads
  • Understanding the Ad Status
  • Checking and optimizing the Quality Score of your Ads

Chapter 9: Budgeting in Adwords

  • Introduction to Budget
  • Setting up budget for your campaign
  • Why cost exceeding from your Daily Budget
  • Avoiding a Depleted daily budget

Chapter 10: Bidding in Google Adwords

  • Understanding the basic of bidding
  • Choosing a bidding strategy based on your goals
  • Adjusting your keyword bids
  • Choosing a bid amount that works best for you
  • Cost per click bids (CPC)
  • Enhanced Cost per click (ECPC)
  • Cost per Thousand impressions bidding (CPM)
  • Choosing a bid for Display Network Campaigns

Chapter 11: Measurement and Optimization

  • Introduction to Adwords Measurement
  • Calculating Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Analyzing the Traffic on Your Website
  • Analyzing Your Brand Awareness
  • Setting up the Conversion
  • Understanding and Implementing Conversion Tracking
  • Improving Your Adwords Campaign and Results
  • Enhancing and Improving Landing Page Experience
  • Understanding Tools to Optimize Keywords

Chapter 12: Performance, Profitability & Growth

  • Changing in Budget according to Performance
  • Creating a Profitable Campaign
  • Understanding the basics of performance-based-bidding
  • How to maximize the profits through Adwords
  • Understanding the budget Impact on Profit
  • Understanding the online budget strategy

Chapter 13: Managing Multiple Accounts in MCC

  • Creating My Client Center (MCC) Account
  • Different Access Levels of My Client Center (MCC)
  • Understanding the MCC Dashboard
  • Managing a large account or multiple account through MCC

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