Adword Advance Display Exam

Advance Display Exam

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Google Display exam by Google is one of the exams which students should crack in order to get the Google Adwords certification. This exam is based on the Google network on display network. The display network of Google consists of millions of websites including YouTube, Gmail, major blogs, news portals and other websites. Nearly 70% of the internet consists of Google display network and advertisers have the option to place their ads on all of those websites or blogs..

Understanding the complete Google display network is not an easy task and students should go through the training program to get all the essential knowledge of Google display network. The training program by Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) enables the student to practically understand the process of Google Display network including how to place ads on different websites, how to bid for keywords in display network, how to target locations etc. We also help you in getting the Google adword display exam certification as well. Just go through the complete syllabus of the exam and join DICC now!.

Complete Syllabus of Google Adwords Display Exam:

Chapter 1: Overview of Google Display Network

  • Understanding Google Display Network
  • Reach of Google Display Network
  • Display Network on YouTube
  • Targeting Computers, Mobile Devices and Tablets in Display Network
  • Brand Awareness using Display Network
  • Media Purchase options on the Google Display Network
  • Complete Inventory and Ad Formats on Display Network

Chapter 2: Understanding the Display Network Campaign

  • Creating a new campaign
  • Targeting Display network campaigns
  • Bidding and Budgeting in Display Network
  • Setting up bid adjustments

Chapter 3: Planning Google Display Network Campaigns

  • How to Plan a Display Network Campaign
  • The Value of Planning
  • Best Practices for direct response campaigns
  • Manual and Automatic Placements

Chapter 4: Measuring Performance of Display Campaign

  • Understanding the and measuring the performance of your Campaign
  • Running Adwords Reports

Chapter 5: Creating Display Ads

  • Different Ad Formats for Display Network
  • Using Ad gallery for creating Display Ads
  • Best Practices for Display Ads
  • Terms and Conditions in Display Network

Chapter 6: Optimizing and Refining Display Campaigns

  • Overview to Refining and Optimizing Ads
  • Advance Google Display Network Optimization Features
  • Google Display Network Tools to analyze the campaigns

Chapter 7: Display Advertising on YouTube

  • Understanding the YouTube Display Advertising
  • Different YouTube Ad formats
  • Measuring and Optimizing the best practices for YoTube video Ads

Chapter 8: Planning and Implementing Campaigns on YouTube

  • Creating Video Ads using Adwords for Video
  • Location Targeting & Language Targeting
  • Creating and Implementing a brand channel

Chapter 9: Creating Ads for YouTube

  • Creating Ads using Ad gallery
  • Adwords for Video
  • All About reserved media placement on YouTube

Chapter 10:  Display Network Ads on Mobile Devices

  • Introduction to Ads on mobile apps
  • How Ads can show on different mobile devices
  • Mobile Inventory in Display Network
  • Ad formats for Mobile Devices
  • YouTube Mobile Ad Formats
  • Video Ad Formats in Adwords for Video

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