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Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) has designed the Forex analysis course for those who are interested in making money through forex trading. Forex and currency trading course by DICC will enable the students to understand the fluctuation in the different countries of the world and they can initiate trades in the forex exchange using the technical charts, fundamentals and derivatives etc. The course has been designed by the experts and it includes from basic to advance level concepts such as basics of price action trading, charting and trends in forex exchange, technical and derivative analysis, human psychology behind the forex course and many other topics as mentioned below:.

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In order to become a successful Forex Trader, one is required lots of skills and practical experience to conduct successful trades. Learning the basic to advance concepts of Forex trading you need to devote your time to get the practical training. With the help of Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC), you can learn how to analyze the trend of Forex trading market. We do have experienced instructors who are also Forex traders and do have lots of experience in the Indian Stock Market. So, join now the Forex trading course in Delhi from DICC.

Detailed Syllabus of Forex / Currency Analysis Course:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Forex Trading
Chapter 2: Forex Trading Concepts
Chapter 3: Long or Short? Order Types and Calculating Profits & Losses in Forex Trading Platforms
Chapter 4: What is Professional Forex Trading?
Chapter 5: What is Fundamental Analysis?
Chapter 6: What is Derivative Analysis?
Chapter 7: What is Price Action Trading Analysis?
Chapter 8: Introduction to Forex Charting

Chapter 9: What Is A Forex Trading Strategy?
Chapter 10: Common Forex trading mistakes and traps
Chapter 11: What is Technical Analysis?
Chapter 12: How to design a Forex Trading Plan
Chapter 13: The Psychology of Forex Trading
Chapter 14: Professional Price Action Forex Trading Strategies
Chapter 15: Future and Option in Forex Trading



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