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Derivative Analysis Course

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Derivative analysis in Indian stock market plays a vital role to eliminate risk of a change in the price of the stock. Derivatives are similar to options or futures and basically they are the financial contracts. Investors worldwide are using derivative approach to initiate successful trades. It is the combination of technical, derivatives and fundamentals that can provide you the nearly exact knowledge how stock market will behave in the near future. .

Delhi institute of Computer Courses (DICC) offered Derivative trading and analysis course that would provide you sufficient knowledge as how you can imply derivative approach to get the best of the results. This course is ideal for those who do have interest in derivative trading and want to enhance their skills and proficiency in the future and options market. The derivative analysis training program designed by DICC primarily focuses on different instruments, software and other derivative trading platforms in the stock market. The course is ideal for dealers, brokers, sub-brokers, housewives, investors, police and army officials and employees of stock broking houses..

Detailed Syllabus of Derivative Analysis Course:

Chapter 1: Basics and Overview of Derivative Analysis

  • What are Derivatives?
  • What is a forward Contract and how to use it?
  • Future Contracts and Option
  • Exotic Derivative
  • Derivative and Equity Market
  • Using Index Derivatives to eliminate Risks
  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Put Call Ration Analysis
  • Active Contracts, Puts and Calls
  • Market Watch (top gainers, losers and top traded quantity)

Chapter 2: Using Derivatives in Market

  • How to do Derivative trades?
  • Role of Arbitrage in Derivative area
  • Role of Liquidity in Derivatives
  • Nifty in Index Derivative
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) Statistics
  • FO Quotes

Chapter 3: Derivative Disasters and Policy Issues

  • Disasters involving Derivatives
  • Minimize Disasters with Derivatives
  • U.S and China Derivative markets
  • Why Commodity Future Market Important?
  • Derivatives on Real Estate
  • FII and FDI investments
  • Underlings & Underlying Info

Chapter 4: Regulatory Issues

  • Objective of Regulation
  • Regulation of Exchanges
  • Eligibility for derivative trading
  • Regulatory control on contracts
  • Risk Management at Clearing
  • Different aspects of risks
  • Market Manipulation

Chapter 5: Derivatives and Economy

  • Benefits of Derivatives for Indian Economy
  • Equity Investment in the Economy
  • Index Derivatives in Economy

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