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Commodities in the stock market such as copper, gold, oil, gas etc have played a significant role in the economic development of any country. There is too much fluctuation and volatility can also notice day by day in the commodities. So, there is a definite opportunity for the investors to get profits from this fluctuation. But how one should know that when to buy or sell any commodity. .

The commodity trading course by Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) will let you know how to create positions in the commodity market. This commodity trading training course by DICC will enable you to get aware about all the ins-and-outs of the commodities futures marketplace and how to initiate only profitable trades in the stock market. If you are initiating trades in commodity market on the basis of news, tips from companies or through the advice of your brooking house, you are only acting upon other’s advice and initiating only blind trades that ultimately lead to lose in the commodity market. This is the reason why most of the investors book huge losses in the stock market.

We have designed a commodity trading course on the basis of technical, derivative, fundamental, future and option platforms. We use completely scientific and logical approach to initiate trades in the stock market and that’s what we will teach you in our course. Just go through the course content below:

Detailed Syllabus of Commodity Analysis Course:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Commodity Market and Currency Market

  • An overview to Global commodity markets
  • Historical Importance of Commodity Markets
  • International exchanges and currency Market and its relation to Commodity Market
  • Different commodities in which we can initiate trades
  • Regulatory Framework: Terms and conditions, policies and guidelines
  • Currency and Commodity Market Dynamics

Chapter 2: Operation of Commodity Market

  • Membership Criteria
  • Trading, settlement and clearing
  • Exchange Operation
  • Inspection and Compliance

Chapter 3: Fundamental Analysis – Commodity Market

  • Fundamental Analysis of Gold, Silver, Bullion, Energy Products and Base Metals
  • Economic and Political Causes and its effects
  • Behavioral Aspects of Commodity Markets
  • Relation of Commodity and Currency Market

Chapter 4: Technical Analysis – Commodity Market

  • Understanding the Technical Analysis
  • Creating Charts, Patterns, candlesticks, bar/line
  • Trend-lines, Channels, Support and Resistance
  • Dow Theory
  • Fibonacci Levels

Chapter 5: Derivative Analysis – Commodity Market

  • Introduction to Derivative Market
  • Forward and Future Contracts
  • Commodity Futures – Commodities configuration and its features
  • Market Terminology – Open Interest, Volatility, Volumes and different positions
  • Pricing of Commodities Futures using Cost of Carry Model

Chapter 6: Different Strategies for Commodities

  • Strategies for Speculators
  • Strategies for Hedgers
  • Strategies for Arbitragers
  • Using Commodity Futures – View based trading, Hedging strategies etc.

Chapter 7: Risk Management for Commodity Markets

  • Risk Management of different commodities- Positioning limits, Margining and related concepts
  • Risk Management using Derivatives
  • VAR Margin
  • ELM Margin
  • Special Margin
  • Position Monitoring

Chapter 8: Mock Trading and Case Studies

  • Inter-Connection between global markets
  • Case studies on Catastrophe caused by Commodities Derivatives market
  • Inflation V/s Commodities Derivatives
  • Role of commodities in Global Economy



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