Learn Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

Kali Linux Training Course

If you are interested in doing Penetration Testing Training with Kali Linux than get in touch using the contact us form or you can directly email us at [email protected] or use the phone numbers to contact us. Call Now 9899127357, 9210640422, .

Best Institute in Delhi for Kali Linux Training Kali Linux has been widely used by the information security teams in various governmental and private organizations throughout the world to apply complete security to their online assets. But it is not easy software to understand and therefore requires proper training that enables you to completely understand the full features of Kali Linux.

Institute in Delhi for BackTrack Training on Live Projects:
Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) designed a complete course for Kali Linux that is being taught by the experts of Hackers. The expert at our institute has wide experience in security research, tool development, penetration testing etc. We also provide training on how to do Penetration testing using Kali Linux and this course is basically revolve around the Kali Linux distribution. There are very few institutes in Delhi that provide complete hands-on practice on Kali Linux but we are proud to announce that after the completion of our course, you would be able to get practical exposure. We also provide you the projects that have to be submitted by the students to gain the live exposure on Kali Linux software.

Special Discounts available for groups of Students in Kali Linux Training Programs

Note:  Complete Study material and required Software will be provided during the course.

Complete Syllabus and Course of Kali Linux

  • Chapter 1: Penetration Testing: What You Should Know
  • Chapter 2: Getting Comfortable with KaliLinux?  
  • Chapter 3: Cyber Security Lab Setup 
  • Chapter 4: Managing Kali Linux Services
  • Chapter 5: The Bash Environment
  • Chapter 6 The Essential Tools
  • Chapter 7: Remote Administration with Netcat
  • Chapter 8: Wireshark & Tcpdump
  • Chapter 9: Passive Information Gathering
  • Chapter 10: Active Information Gathering
  • Chapter 11: Port Scanning & Enumeration
  • Chapter 12: Vulnerability Scanning
  • Chapter 13: Buffer Overflows
  • Chapter 14:  Win32 Buffer Overflow Exploitation
  • Chapter 15:    Linux Buffer Overflow Exploitation
  • Chapter 16:   Working with Exploits
  • Chapter 17: Metasploit Framework  
  • Chapter 18: ARP Spoofing MITM  
  • Chapter 19:  How to Create a "Pivot Point”?
  • Chapter 20: Social-Engineer Toolkit   SET)  
  • Chapter 21: Taking over HSRP  
  • Chapter 22: DNS Spoofing  
  • Chapter 23: Kali Linux  
  • Chapter 24: Maltego  
  • Chapter 25: Burp Suite  
  • Chapter 26: Raspberry Pi & Kali Linux  
  • Chapter 27:  DTP and 802.1q Attacks  
  • Chapter 28: PWNing a System with MSF 
  • Chapter 29: Ettercap and Xplico  
  • Chapter 30: Virtual Test Environment  
  • Chapter 31:  Bypassing Antivirus Software
  • Chapter 32:  Custom Password Lists  
  • Chapter 33: Hashes and Cracking Passwords  
  • Chapter 34: Rainbow Tables and Ophcrack  
  • Chapter 35:  Detecting Rootkits  

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